Western Circus Land

J'ai composé cette chanson en juillet 2000 et l'ai finalement enregistré 15 ans plus tard avec mes amis Aurelien farioli et Selim Nini.
La vie est une étrange boucle où des lumières brulent et où tout est réduit au silence.

-César Valentine-


Western Circus Land

Western circus land printed in my head
One time for the indians
One more For the cowboys
You stick your feathers in my face
Western circus land is dead

On the T.V false images stare me in the eyes
So I jump through the window
Shitty day, isn't it ?
And in the emptiness everything becomes calm

Thanks for your feathers and keep your pistol
Western circus land unfurled itself from under
The footsteps of a good thinking spirit
Today it's likes elsewhere, take your feathers

Tonight I'm off because I know where to find the 
Western circus land



Composed, Written and Recorded by César Valentine
Guitar : César Valentine
Bass & Vocals : Aurelien Farioli
Keyboard : Selim Nini